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What We Do

We handle everything from basic puppy care and beginners training, to advanced obedience commands and behavioural and social issues. We deal a lot with rescue dogs that have had tough starts with humans, and those that suffer from low confidence or confused guidance through poor leadership. 

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For puppy obedience training, a combination of teaching your pup and working with your family and helpers can ensure your puppy builds the best relationship with you through love, respect, and clear communication.

We usually arrange a first lesson with the dog and the owner so we can assess and discuss the issues first-hand and answer any of your questions. How we proceed after that is down to what your dog requires, your ideal training goals, and the severity of your dog’s issues.


As each dog is different, we offer individualised intensive courses, weekly lessons, or single one-off lessons. Some of the work may be just us one-on-one with your dog. Other lessons will be with the family or primary dog carers. It all depends on the training methods and how quickly we can achieve the desired results. 

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