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Client Reviews

Sandra Chakraborty

Deb is amazing. She's friendly, easy to talk to, and honest. We had her visit us for a first consult with our 5 month old puppy (scared and anxious on walks.) Deb actually told us that we don't need her as a trainer at the moment and advised us just keep doing what we're doing and our pup would be fine once she got used to walking outside. She gave us some great tips, tricks, and recommendations.

Natalia Tokar

Deb has been tremendously helpful with our new puppy. really helping to put many of our fears to bed and our dog! Even now at 9PM on Sunday I sent her a message about an allergy issue our dog is having and she was right there with answers, and I doubt we ever would have figured it out otherwise. She is truly awesome .

Maria Chua

Really enjoyed working with Deb, I'd originally signed up for the puppy training classes but gradually expanded to the whole dog family! She's very patient with the humans and gave great tips and training exercises which made it really easy for the whole family to understand. The dogs were always happy to see her and it was clear she was able to establish a good rapport with the dogs. Really enjoy working with her!

Fiona Bulmer

I contacted Deb as our lovely dog is very territorial and possessive of her family. Within minutes of her arrival at our home, Hattie was happily listening to Deb as she talked us through her introduction (there was no barking or growling - very unusual for her to be like that with strangers). Within a 90 minute training session, Deb taught us some top, easy to follow tips, which had an immediate and positive impact on Hattie. We have been following her guidance for a week and the positive shift in Hattie is remarkable. I highly recommend Deb.

Celesetina Carneiro

Deb helped me a lot with my dog adapting to the society! A kind and brilliant trainer who knows dogs well and great at sharing ways to smooth things out between owner and their fur babies

Bradie Leigh Barnes

Very helpful! Provided great tips and tricks to help us with our new pup. Couldn’t do enough for us! Highly recommend.

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